In Memorium


Carol did not have the opportunity to share her love and joy as much as she would have wanted during htree-of-life-spring_largeer 67 years here. As a family, it was imperative that in memorializing her we do something to ensure that as many people as possible could learn about her and perhaps feel some of the love that she brought to those of us that knew her.

We did this in two ways: by creating this site which is widely available to everyone; and by placing placards in a publicly accessible area. Those placards are located on several benches circling the lagoon at Dawes Park in Evanston, IL, Carol’s hometown. This location was chosen as it was a favorite spot of Carols. She loved nature and loved spending time along the lakefront as a child and throughout her adult life. We also believe that by having her memorialized on those benches, she is there sharing both the serenity and energy the lakefront park offers with all of us.